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Only one spa can be the #1 selling spa in the world.  Discover that spa right here.  HotSpring spa is the #1 selling hot tub in the world and has continually been sold and serviced in Central Indiana since 1982.


HotSpring® prides itself on quality that is made to last.  Their tubs are designed for the very best massage experience.  Their SmartJet® system reduces energy costs by using only as much power as is really needed.  The exclusive MotoMassage® DX jet delivers two powerful streams of warm water that sweep up and down the length of your back.  Their unique selection of jets include rotating jets for deep massage, steams of water strong enough to sooth feet and back tension, and broad streams that gently relieve tension in your shoulders and back.


HotSpring® priorities clean water and easy tub maintenance with water fare and filtration systems that keep water sparkling clean.  Their cleaning systems make tub maintenance easy.  Exclusive filter elements like the Tri-X filter is a major reason why HotSpring® water filtration systems work so well.  Ask about the advantages of the only spa featuring 100% NO-BYPASS cleaning processes.  Their unique Freshwater® salt System generates chlorine with a little salt that keeps water clean, clear and sanitized as well as feeling soft without harsh chemical odors.


These spas are meticulously engineered to provide owners with years of top-notch performance and relaxing comfort.  They are known worldwide.  HotSpring® spas are equally enjoyable, affordable and efficient – and all feature excellent craftsmanship, powerful jets and the type of unmatched customer satisfaction you would expect from the world’s number one selling brand.


There are several collections of spas within the HotSpring® Brand including the Highlife®, Highlife NXT®, Limelight® and Hot Spot® collections – each with distinctive features and standards.




Additionally, Watkins Manufacturing designs and manufactures the Freeflow® Brand of hot tubs – also available in and through the Carefree Spa Hot Spring, Hot Spring HotSpring® Portable Spas retail location.


Freeflow® Spas are portable and can be plugged in and filled up anywhere.  Rated #1 in Overall Product Value by TradeCertified™, these tubs are energy efficient, less expensive options manufactured by the same people who make HotSpring® spas.


Most Watkins customers would NEVER own any other manufacturer brand!  Come see what inspires this kind of loyalty.


See Freeflow® models here.


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HotSpring® prides itself on quality that is made to last.
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