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Although your specific needs may vary, here are our TOP 5 selling products at Carefree Spas.

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Carefree Spa Leisure Time DefenderLeisure Time Spa Defender. You can erase the possibility of mineral damage occurring in your spa or hot tub this product prevents the formation of scale, and also removes existing deposits. Scale deposits diminish the quality of your spa experience and can wreak havoc on your heater or pump.

Spa Leisure Time Metal Be Gone


Leisure Time Metal Gon. Removes metals and minerals to prevent deposits that cause stains on your hot tub’s surfaces. It’s long-lasting and highly effective at keeping your spa looking clean and stain free.

Carefree Spa Chlorine


Spa Pure Granular Chlorine.  This product dissolves rapidly in water and effectively cleans the spa and clarifies cloudy water. Easy to use product that can be used to clean and shock.

Carefree Spa GLB pH up Chemicals


GLB® pH Down. This product lowers pH level in spa water. Keeping proper pH levels will ensure pool sanitizers are working at maximum efficiency. This aids in preventing staining, scaling and clouding of hot tub, spa or pool water

Carefree Spa GLB Test Strips


GLB 4 Way Test Strips. Easy, fast and accurate. These test strips tests for bromine, chlorine, alkalinity and pH levels in your spa and hot tub water.


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