Shady Promises of On-Line Purchases

The internet is a great tool to make our lives easier in so many different ways.  We saw a TV ad recently for “Amazon Prime Wardrobe” – and, the ad explained that consumers can shop on-line, have clothing sent to their homes, try-on the items, decide what you like; then pay for what you keep and send back everything else to Amazon. 

Great concept for clothes!  But – Please! When it comes to making a final decision on a hot tub – Never buy a hot tub online.  

We get calls on a regular basis from angry tub owners who have parts, service and warranty problems on their “Internet Deal” hot tub. They call US – because there is no-one else to help them at their place of purchase. There’s nobody there to answer the phone – let alone help them solve a problem.

FreeFlow Spas from Watkins Manufacturing

We get it. The number ONE thing people search the internet for is THE DEAL. It is also a great place to research, compare and gather the facts.  This is the driving reason why we have gone to great time and expense to continually update our website.

We will make you THE DEAL.

We have been bringing great deals and low pricing to Central Indiana for nearly 30 years. Plus, our ability to service your spa is built into our business model. We find that most shoppers have never owned a hot tub and don’t have the experience to know what they are buying. They NEED the experience to understand what is being sold to them. Buying from a dealership, whether in-home or in-store, is the most confident way to make the best purchase decision and save you the most money.
Unfortunately internet deals can sometimes fall through meaning you’ll lose your money, or worse still, the hot tub you receive is much lower in quality than the one you were expecting. Service or repair? Forget about it. It will end up costing you more to run it or repair it. It’s important to understand the quality of your potential purchase.

Make note of what you DON’T SEE online

During your research look out for reputable hot tub manufacturers and search their websites for information. If a dealership has a good reputation for quality, you’ll be able to see it pretty clearly. Quality hot tub retailers and manufacturers will provide in-depth hot tub product specifications, technical quality details, as well as service and warranty information.

  • Ask about Warranties. Make Sure you know what is and is NOT covered
  • History is a predictor of reputation. Look for businesses who have high ranking in the local business community and have an established pattern of addressing customer complaints quickly and fully.
  • Get important details in writing. Energy efficiencies, warranty details or service policies. Make sure you know both the pros and the cons.

At Carefree Spas, we are competitive priced on your spa purchase – and, we will take good care of you for the long run. We take pride in our expertise and are ready to answer all your questions.  We have engaged and experienced associates in each of our dealerships that are focused on satisfying customers – face to face.

Those are things you don’t get with an internet deal!