Battle of the Brands

It’s BATTLE of the BRANDS month at Carefree Spas. It’s the time of the year when WE battle – and YOU, our customers win! Simply make your best deal at one of our stores – and, feel free to challenge the other store to meet or beat your offer. With over 80 different models available through our 3 Indianapolis dealerships, we are ready to find the spa that perfectly matches your needs – and, COMPETE for your business!

battle of the brands, Battle of the BrandsWhen we look at the retail spa and hot tub landscape in Indianapolis, we truly believe we don’t really have any competitors. With three different retails location, each featuring a different major brand line-up – NO SINGLE DEALER can offer more quality and variety. Our ability to find a spa that’s unique to your needs is unmatched.

In fact, there may not be a single spa company ANYWHERE that can offer a larger selection of high quality hot tubs than Carefree Spas.  This is the time of year when we remind our shoppers that we are ready, willing and able to compete against OURSELVES!

No matter what decision you make, we know YOU will be the winner – with brand names like Jacuzzi, Hot Spring and Sundance Spas  – you get quality, reliability and top notch performance with ANY model you choose.

We love to compete for your business at Carefree Spas!