THREE BIG THINGS we learned at The 2018 Indiana State Fair

For us it’s more than just corn dog, elephant ear and lemon shake-up lunches. We go head-to-head competing for sales against other local and non-local hot tub and spa dealers. We see the good, the bad and the ugly – first hand.  It is always a learning experience.

Here are the THREE BIG THINGS we learned – – and, re-learned, from this year’s Indiana State Fair. These are THREE BIG THINGS every hot tub consumer should remember.


, THREE BIG THINGS we learned at The 2018 Indiana State FairYou should always opt for the performance of a national brand and the expertise of a local dealership.  Locally owned businesses are here for the long-haul.   They have a LOCAL SHOWROOM with a LOCAL SERVICE CENTER.  They HAVE to do a superior job when it comes to maintaining their reputation, keeping the promises and providing advice and service after the sale.

Remember: BUYING LOCAL does NOT mean buying a hot tub that is regionally manufactured or locally assembled. Those designs are constantly changing to cut production costs and are simply not up to the national and international standards maintained by recognized brands like Jacuzzi, HotSpring and Sundanc

2) Don’t Believe Everything you Hear.

We got reminded that some folks will say anything to make a sale; and, we re-affirmed that most of our competitors have a casual relationship with the truth. They regularly mis-represent energy efficiency, operating costs and the capabilities of the sanitary systems on their hot tubs.  They will say whatever it takes to move that tub to your house and not back to their warehouse!

, THREE BIG THINGS we learned at The 2018 Indiana State FairThis applies to WARRANTIES, too.  We heard so many exaggerated claims! You should always get warranties in writing. We were shocked at how limiting other hot tub warranties can be – and, how some consumers will make a purchase WITHOUT receiving a written copy of the tub’s warranty

At Carefree Spas, we don’t need any wiggle room to determine what issues are and are not covered by the warranties on our industry leading brands.  We only sell major internationally recognized brands including Jacuzzi, HotSpring and Sundance.  All three brands have a reputation for performance and durability that’s unrivaled.  We have nothing to hide when it comes to warranty coverages.


Major events like the Indiana State Fair attract gypsies and carpet-baggers looking to turn a quick dollar.  We discovered that some “Factory-Direct” sellers will claim to have a local showroom and a local service operation, when in fact the only local connection is the rent they pay to an area storage facility.

Simply stacking hot tubs in a self-storage unit does not create a company that is equipped to answer questions or provide ANY degree of customer service and consultation.  We have ALREADY taken service calls from baffled consumers who are begging us to help install their State Fair purchase and get it to work the way they were told it would.

Buying a hot tub ONLINE is also a terrible idea. Can you imagine buying something as large yet personal as a hot tub – – online?  You can’t touch it, feel it or compare it.  Once you have paid your hard-earned money, a freight truck pulls up to your house and leaves your huge purchase in your driveway. Then you are on your own to figure out how to set it up and make it work.

So – another Indiana State Fair is history – and, these are our big takeaways!

It proves to us once again that the way we do things at Carefree Spas is the RIGHT WAY to do business!  We would not have it any other way.