A Store with a DOOR

When you are deciding WHERE to buy your spa or hottub – make sure there is a DOOR on the STORE.  Some on-line purchases just don’t work out well at all.

, A Store with a DOOR


If you do any amount of online searching for the purchases you are planning to make you will quickly discover that there are many categories of products and services that you should NEVER purchase on-line. Among them furniture, used cars and large appliances were all researched to be terrible matches for the on-line buying process.

Shipping, delivery, item set-up and the myriad of colors, features and nuances associated with these products just increase the odds of consumer DIS-Satisfaction. Our research found multiple consumer-focused websites that advise against making these large item purchases on-line.

Hot tubs and spas belong in this category as well!


When you buy from a STORE with a DOOR – what you see is what you get. In terms of product, service, follow-up and expertise – retail locations HAVE to be better at what they do. On-line hot tub and spa purchases are usually motivated by price; what good is a low-price if your purchase is dropped off in your driveway and you have no plans for installation and set-up? And, no local service center to call to trouble- shoot your problems?

Remember: Stores with doors are motivated to get you the lowest price, too! Every year, every day they HAVE to compete. It’s in the makeup and character of the stores with doors.  Stores like ours compete with the best products, lower prices and with CUSTOMER SATISFACTION in mind with everything we do. Why else would there be a Store with a Door? We have to perform – because it’s not easy to hide.  While internet sellers can quickly go silent and disappear.

What are the other benefits of dealing with a STORE with a DOOR?

See-It. Touch-It. Try-It. The stakes are relatively low when you buy a shirt, canned groceries or office supplies on-line; it’s different when you are making a major purchase for a home amenity that you expect to enjoy for years and years. Color, style and design considerations can only be evaluated in the store of a name-brand retailer like Carefree Spas.

Delivery. A spa is heavy and hard to move. There is no way to sugar-coat that! You should deal with an organization that can help with optimal placement of this major purchase….and , NOT deal with some freight truck driver who just wants to drop it and run – and, get on with his day.

Set-up and Installation. If you are like me, whenever water and electricity are anywhere near each other, I want to make sure EVERYTHING is done safely, correctly and with long-term use in mind. Carefree Spas takes that responsibility and gives our customers peace of mind.

Service after the Sale. We have been a reputable Indianapolis business for over 25 years and are members in good standing with the Indianapolis Better Business Bureau. We are here for the long term – to answer our customers’ questions, trouble-shoot their problems and help them enjoy their hottub purchases for years to come.

On-line is a perfect place for research. But, only BUY from companies that have a DOOR on their STORE!

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