Careful with Chemical Quality

We have encountered a pretty alarming trend in spa and hot tub maintenance: manufacturers are reviewing customer warranty claims when those customers have used substandard or inferior chemicals in their tubs. The same holds true for , Careful with Chemical Qualityreplacement parts and even filters. Many times, those warranties are not covering damage caused by inferior materials.

It’s true.  Even some “brand name” chemicals have put profits over quality and have packaged cut-rate chemical compounds in familiar brand name packages. Best case scenario: bad chemicals will lead to costly repairs. Off-brand filters and inferior replacement parts lead to poor performances and spa break-down. Worst case: your manufacturer may even void your warranty and leave you out in the cold.

Remember to be cautious. Many chemicals with familiar names are just not the same.

We have encountered:

  • Altered Chemical Blends
  • Cheaper Ingredients
  • Substandard products

It’s a lot like filling your car with the cheapest gas you can find and then having your local dealer or auto manufacturer telling you “It’s YOUR problem now!”  It’s a forgone conclusion that cheaper gas will cause performance problems in your car.  The comparison is pretty accurate when considering your hot tub chemicals.  Bad chemicals WILL make the performance of your spa suffer – – and, it’s likely to cause deterioration and permanent damage to your hot tub.

In far too many recent service calls we have noted significant spa damage caused by substandard chemicals.  When you buy and use cut-rate chemicals and sustain damage on your spa, you really have no legal recourse that we know of. You can prevent these problems by buying ONLY trusted dealer-grade chemicals.
These are the ONLY chemicals we sell at Carefree Spa locations.

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