A hot tub costs how much?

After months of pondering, you’ve finally decided to buy a hot tub. Even the thought of having it in your home makes your muscles relax a little bit. You can just imagine soaking in the soothing water and your cares start melting away. But, when you consider hot tub costs  – how much should you spend?

Before you lay your money down, you’ll want to be an informed shopper throughout the entire hot tub buying process. Especially if this is your first hot tub purchase. It’s natural to have plenty of questions, both about the process and about the ongoing relationship you’ll have with your hot tub.

How much does a hot tub cost?

Broadly speaking, there are several different tiers of hot tub quality.  Consumers are often disappointed with “entry level” tubs and “value-priced” tubs; anything below the $5,000 mark that is not from a major international manufacturer.  In this price range – performance, reliability, energy efficiency and warranties are all very inconsistent.  We encounter a sizable number of buyers who are very regretful after they make a purchase in this category.  They are often abandoned by their vendor and left without any service or warranty support.

FreeFlow Spas from Watkins ManufacturingFor these reasons, Carefree Spas deals only with quality, name brand manufacturers with proven performance and specific warranties.  Combined, our 3 stores have well over 70 different model – each with specific sizes, attributes and performance features. 

For shoppers with budgets that cannot exceed that $5,000 figure, we recommend a name-brand refurbished hot tub.  Since we deal in quality NEW hot tubs – we take a substantial number of quality PRE-OWNED tubs as trade-ins.  We refurbish the pre-owned units here at our stores and can assure quality and craftsmanship throughout.

Additionally, you could explore FREEFLOW hot tubs from Watkins Manufacturing, the #1 manufacturer worldwide.  This is the company that also produces Hot Spring Spas.  FreeFlow models are available at our 9133 Pendleton Pike location, alongside our Hot Spring selections.

What other costs are there?

Based upon your location and your unique backyard or deck configuration, a few other factors might impact the total acquisition costs of your hot tub.

  • Shipping or freight. Costs of transporting the tub to your location or the dealer’s.
  •  Installation costs. These will vary based on any unique location-based challenges such as narrow access, deck remodeling, backyard setup, electrical and plumbing.

Remember, all upfront costs should be compared with the long-term value of spa ownership. The health and relaxation benefits are numerous and it is difficult to truly put a dollar figure on the years of enjoyment it will bring you.  Get financing information here.

Hot tubs made of durable, high-end materials tend to easily last for over a decade.  However, just like any product, some components may wear out over time.  With quality name brands like Jacuzzi, Hot Spring and Sundance and proper maintenance,  these spas can be repaired and components replaced and restored to satisfactory working order.  That rarely happens with bargain priced hot tubs.

Avoid “Bargains”. They are rarely worth it.

All told, a well-loved, quality hot tub can deliver daily benefits for many years. In fact, many hot tub owners have made their spa time an integrated part of their daily ritual –  perhaps taking a quick soak before or after work. When used in this manner, the benefits of owning a spa can enrich every other aspect of your life.

In summary, the best place to buy a hot tub is at an established local dealer like Carefree Spas. These are the businesses with national support networks, who will be able to provide service for the life of your hot tub.  Carefree Spas deals only with world-renowned manufacturers.  These are the leaders in the industry with the institutional standards and level of expertise necessary to do a quality, professional job of supporting you and your spa throughout a lifetime of ownership.