Hydrotherapy and Pain Management

Hottubs and spas are great for backyard socializing and quiet relaxation. However, if you are one of the millions of Americans who suffer from chronic back pain, spending some daily time in a spa could work wonders for you and your long term pain management.

Did you know

  • 8 out of 10 Americans will have back problems at some point in their lifetimes?
  • More than a third of US adults (39%) say lower back pain prevents them from doing everyday tasks?
  • Over half of Americans (54%) who experience lower back pain spend their workdays sitting?

Hydrotherapy Pain Management, Hydrotherapy and Pain ManagementSoaking in a bubbling, swirling hottub is more than just relaxing. Hydrotherapy is a real thing and has proven to be metabolically therapeutic. This combination of heat, buoyancy, and massage combine to relieve pain by triggering positive effects on the body. It makes sense for chronic conditions, such as arthritis, or temporary stiffness from sports or over-exertion. It can be a life-changer for people afflicted with chronic lower back pain.

HYDROTHERAPY and Pain Management. How It Works

  • Hot tubs deliver hydrotherapy through a combination of several key components:
  • Heat. Helps to open the blood vessels to improve circulation and loosen muscle tension, both of which reduce pain.
  • Buoyancy. Lifts the weight of the body, relieving the pressure on sore muscles and joints, and improving the ability to move around.
  • Massage. The jets increase blood circulation, bringing more nutrients to the muscles.

According to a study covered in the New York Times, experiments showed that massage reduced the production of cytokines (which cause inflammation) and stimulated the process of cell function and repair.

The best hot tubs have the ideal jet and seat positions for your body and your needs. This is one area where Carefree Spas has a distinct advantage over competitors. Our brands – Jacuzzi, Sundance and Hot Spring – are all superior products when it comes to engineering design and efficiency in seating, jetting, water flow and circulation – all qualities that provide superior hydrotherapy. Every seat configuration delivers a variety of massage types and intensities while supporting the body; many designs can specifically target trouble spots on your body.

Additional Tips on Pain Management.

Stretching. This relaxes the soft tissue around joints, making them more pliable, and is widely recognized as beneficial. Your hot tub is a great place to perform simple exercises and stretches. The heated water makes it more comfortable to stretch and to relax and provides an overall calming experience.

Taking time to pamper your body in a hydrotherapy spa is one of the best ways to reduce tension in your muscles and alleviate pressure in your joints. Remember to talk to your doctor first, and see how hot tub hydrotherapy could benefit you and your specific condition. Coupling hydrotherapy with routine stretching could be the remedy for what ails you – and, could help put a new spring in your step in no time at all.


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