Name Brand Hottubs: SIX REASONS WHY

When you have been in the hot tub and spa business as long as we have, you either earn a reputation for honesty and reliability….or, you disappear.  After more than 25 years in the industry, we have earned the kind of reputation where we can have our choice of the Name Brand Hottubs we want to sell and the companies with which we want to do business.
Name Brand Hottubs, Name Brand Hottubs: SIX REASONS WHYWe have made a conscious choice as to which brands we sell. They help define our reputation. Some of our competitors are not that fortunate.  Regionally manufactured and locally assembled “brands” come and go – sometime abruptly.  This disappearance leaves customers, service contracts and warranties in the lurch. Big box stores change hottub brands too often to have credibility. 
So, here are SIX REASONS WHY you should only invest in NAME BRAND spas and hottubs.

Six Reasons Why. Buying a Name Brand Hottub

1) Manufacturing Standards.  We carry the best selling and most widely distributed brands in the world.  HotSpring, Sundance and Jacuzzi brands are all researched, developed and manufactured by teams of engineers and designers; they are NOT assembled with random parts and put together hap-hazzardly. Standards like precision, performance and cost-efficiency are simply foreign concepts to local assemblers and regional distributors. 

2) Impartial Reviews and Third Party Accreditation.  Think about it: why would any research and review organization even bother with models that appeal to limited segments of the country?  There simply are not enough units on the open market for that research to have much value.  On the other hand, major world-wide brands with millions of customers have specific models for sale in hundreds of retail locations which are regularly reviewed and evaluated by notable consumer advocating groups.  This is a reliable method to obtain impartial recommendations – and, our brands are always part of their evaluations.

3) Clear Warranties.  There are really only two occasions when warranties are important to consumers; at the time of purchase and when something goes wrong!  Every day we hear horror stories from consumers who bought hottubs elsewhere and are stuck with a warranties that’s not worth the paper it is written on – if, indeed, it is actually written and available to be read.  Our manufacturers’ warranties are written and customer oriented. We hope you won’t need it – but, we know you will appreciate the fact that your purchase actually IS protected.

Name Brand Hottubs, Name Brand Hottubs: SIX REASONS WHY4) Networks of Authorized Dealers.  The Jacuzzi J275 you see here in Indy is the SAME as one you might shop for in Florida. The Sundance Kingston is the same as one on display in Seattle.  A Hotspring Prodigy from our store is the same as one you might soak in in New Mexico.  If you were to ever relocate, there’s a dealer on the other end who can service your parts, performance and maintenance needs.

5) Longevity.  We are committed and invested in this industry. We watch the competition and take notes when things change.  They will say “AAA brand is the best thing since sliced bread!” Then, 12 months later,  “ZZZ brand is the one you need to have!”   We are motivated to satisfy customers and only deal with proven performing brands.  We will never be inclined to chase an extra dollar by changing brands unexpectedly. Our brands stand the test of time.

6) Consistency.  Jacuzzi invented the whole industry. Sundance is #1 selling acrylic hot tub in the world.  HotSpring has sold more hottubs worldwide than any other company.  These companies are always thinking, innovating and paying attention to details.  The quality Is consistent today, yesterday and for many tomorrows to come.
We are really quite proud of the companies we surround ourselves with.