Home Theater in your Hot Tub

From the Comfort of Your Hot Tub: Home Theater HD Projector.

At Carefree Spas, we are always looking for ways to help you get the MOST enjoyment possible out of your spa or hot tub. Imagine having a superior home theater experience while soaking in your hot tub!

Recently, we came across a product we fell in love with!

  • We had a demonstration of the JmGO LED Projector Multi-Media Player and Smart Theater System – and, we were impressed!

This portable projector is versatile enough to display HD video on an exterior wall, in your backyard – or, even on the surface of your retracted hot tub cover! The picture quality is amazing and the system has several inputs – including HDMI and USB 3.0.

JmGO View Home TheaterFor the price of what you might pay for a mid-grade 55 inch HD TV, you can literally hold this versatile device in the palm of one hand. Carefree Spas has made arrangements to get these incredible home entertainment systems – in plenty of time for the holidays!

Just fill out the Contact Us form here on our website – and, mention “JmGO Smart Theater” in your message. No obligation!

We will contact you as soon as demonstrations are available – here in-stores at Carefree Spas.