How can I evaluate a hot tub cleaning system?

Keeping your hot tub clean and ready to use is an important health and safety consideration.  This is a TWO-PART evaluation : 1) Sanitizing the Water and 2) removing debris.  ANY cleaning system has to perform BOTH of these tasks effectively and efficiently.

With organic debris, bacteria can generate in hair, skin cells, body oils – and, it is important for your hot tub to have a superior filtering systems to remove this debris.  This is key to keeping your tub healthy. This is not to be confused with the job of chemicals like chlorine and ozone.  These are used to sanitize the water.

Remember: one person in your hot tub generates approximately a pint of perspiration per 20 minutes of soaking.  Multiply this by the number of persons actively using your tub – and, you see why it is crucial that your cleaning systems keep up and do their job.  Sanitizing is simply not enough.  Both of these systems – sanitation and debris-removal  – need to work well together – effectively and efficiently. All major national and international brands – like Jacuzzi, HotSpring and Sundance – have well documented and warrantied performance in terms of cleaning and sanitation standards.