When NOT to buy local

BUYING LOCAL is a big trend these days.

When it comes to restaurants or food – retail or service, it’s a great way to support the local economy.

Day4_Couples_4904_sm_HiResBut, when it comes to choosing a spa or hottub, buying a locally manufactured product can be a disappointing or even disastrous choice.  Every day, we hear stories of our competitors making unsubstantiated claims about their products in terms of efficiency, performance and long term affordability.  Most of their product and performance claims simply cannot be proven – and, are ultimately empty promises.

Locally assembled hottubs simply do not stand-up to the rigorous testing and exacting standards of internationally recognized brands like Jacuzzi, Sundance or HotSprings.  Our brands are the leaders in the industry and back all their products with durable and specific warranties. These are the only brands that conform to rigorous (third party!) testing, engineered standards of performance and years of innovation and excellence.

Buying Local? Not ALWAYS the best idea

We see disappointed consumers everyday; they believed an interesting sales pitch and purchased a locally assembled hottub.  They tried to “Buy Local” but, failed to ask the right questions. They wound-up with an inferior product, poor performance – and, paid a premium price.

At Carefree Spas, it is impossible to make that mistake. Our brands have more Consumers’ Digest Best Buy ratings than anyone!  At Carefree Spas, we prove that quality does not have to cost more.