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At Carefree Spas, we have created a reputation for partnering only with the most reputable manufacturers and offering our customers only the highest quality products. So, our decision to become a HELO SAUNA dealer more than 10 years ago was not a difficult one.

Helo Sauna 825 SHelo Ltd is the world’s largest manufacturer in the sauna and steam bath business. Through this relationship, Carefree Spas can now offer sauna room, sauna heater and steam generator products in variety of designs and price ranges.  

One of the most famous countries for developing heat therapy has historically been Finland. This helps to explain why Helo is the worldwide leader in the field. The rich tradition of Helo dates back to 1919 when the initial version of the company was founded in Finland. Today, with manufacturing plants in Finland, Sweden, Germany and the USA, they research and develop a range of related products including wood-burning and electric heaters and their controllers, steam generators, sauna and steam rooms, steam suites, infrared cabins and various types of sauna and steam bathing accessories.

Helo Saunas. Making the right choice.

The two main categories of popular modern saunas are infrared units and steam units. As a rule, most steam saunas are able to reach higher temperatures than infrared saunas. See the Helo Hallmark Series. Conversely, infrared saunas heat up faster and gear the heat output toward Helo Sauna, Helo Saunasobjects in the unit. See the Helo Infrared S Series. This means the majority of the heat is channeled directly to any people sitting in the sauna. However, a steam sauna distributes heat evenly.
Consumers tend to refer to steam units as wet saunas and infrared units as dry saunas. This is because these are the types of heat these units create. Neither type of sauna is considered to be universally better than the other, so it is wise to carefully compare the benefits each one has to offer. Whichever your choice, you should consult a physician to ensure personal medical issues will not be aggravated by using the unit.  It is also important for anyone using a sauna to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

Benefits to Health and Well Being

Saunas are used for various therapeutic benefits in many countries across the world – and, in some countries, they continue to be places to enjoy social interaction.  Regular sauna use can result in improved circulation, increase detoxification and skin cleansing, stress relief and a strong immune system.  For a fuller summary of health benefits, read more.

Becoming an authorized Helo Sauna is significant accomplishment for Carefree Spas; we chose them because of their reputation for quality and being an innovative leader in the industry.  However, they chose us based upon Carefree Spa’s  reputation of ONLY offering our Central Indiana customers the highest quality and most reliable products to invest in.

Come see the best brands the spa, hot tub and sauna industry have to offer.

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