Dimension One Swim Spas

The revolutionary AquaFIT swim spa line from Dimension One Swim Spas, was created to improve the quality of life for you and your family. You can use it to swim, stretch, row, jog, relax and play. It’s your own personal gym and pool in one – and, you can experience this in Indianapolis and Central Indiana through Carefree Spas, 10710 Pendleton Pike.

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Who says exercise and fun can’t be one in the same?  That’s why Dimension One created the revolutionary AquaFit system; this is a line-up of four unique swim spas that are patented and built to last a lifetime.  We think it is a fun way for the entire family to get in shape.

These Aqua Fit Swim Spas are the only collection in the industry with a lifetime DuraTex shell, patented optimounts for safe resistance training and D1’s patented UltraPure water purification system.  This water-treatment system means clean, clear water every time you workout or play!

These designs have the largest swim lane in its class for ultimate flexibility in the water. The included HydroSport Essentials kit gets you started with resistance bands and bars so you can start your strength-training regime right away! There are so many exercises you can do in your AquaFit, that it becomes your personal underwater gym. Plus, the resistance provided by water is twice as effective while being much gentler on joints.

Aqua FIT from Dimension One Swim Spas

If you want the complete experience, the “Plus” swim spa model offers a dual temperature option where you can exercise in cool clean water on one side and relax your muscles in the warm, bubbling water on the other side, for a full exercise and cool down session.

  • The Play® and Plus® are perfect pool replacements, designed for family time, relaxation and exercise.
  • The Sport® and Pro® models are perfect for a more serious workout, equipped with everything you need to start breaking a sweat!

Swim spas can be installed above or below ground and do not require the permits required for regular swimming pools. They are also more energy efficient and backed by the best warranty in the business. So, whether it’s swimming against powerful jets, jogging, rowing, lifting, soaking or playing, there is an AquaFit swim spa that can fit your lifestyle and needs.

Carefree Spas can help to improve the quality of life for you and your family. Get you own personal swim-gym and experience the dramatic difference it can make in your fitness and well-being.