Covid can’t fix poor quality

These last 4-5 months have been a challenge and an unexpected boost for businesses like ours. Companies in the home services, home improvement and recreational sectors have learned first hand that the health pandemic has been a mixed blessing. Consumers are hesitant to shop in-person – but, they are spending more time on-line. With more time than ever before inside their own homes, they stare at worn carpet, old windows or imagine backyards where a spa or hot tub would be beautiful.

Consumers who have decided to take some action are doing so in numbers we have never before experienced. They are deciding to make their homes more enjoyable places to spend most of their waking and sleeping hours.

COVID 19 will end. Poor Quality Spas will survive!

more enjoyable homes, Covid can’t fix poor quality

We are fully in favor of people deciding to make their homes a better place. Families are making the best of “family time”, re-discovering simple pleasures and getting back to the family basics. We think a spa or hot tub is the perfect prescription for better quality family time. There’s simply no better way to relax and give yourself a better nights sleep.

The pandemic will not last forever. But, it may forever impact the way people shop and make their buying decisions. Some consumers may wish to avoid face-to-face shopping decisions; many will continue to rely on internet shopping and on-line research. Some may even lower their shopping standards and compromise quality or price for convenience and availability.

Don’t rush to make a decision and end up paying too much and receiving too little – in terms of quality and good service. Before and after Covid, the brands with the best designs, most complete warranties and histories of flawless performance are the ones you should choose. Jacuzzi, HotSpring. Sundance.

Quality Spas. Proven Reliability.

We have benefited from the “Stay at Home” orders. Traffic to our website is up tremendously and we have met our shoppers on their terms. We have kept everyone safe through using video chats, special appointment shopping and shopping on our website. We pledge to keep everyone at safe distances until this situation resolves.

Our business has been strong. Our supplying factories are gearing back up and continue to refresh our inventory. We are here for the long haul.

Carefree Spas survived the great recession, multiple business downturns and several wars. We will survive COVID-19. Mostly because we represent the best brands, we are pledged to serving our customers before and after the sale and because we have a proven capacity to grow, adapt and continue to please our customers.