Only a Jacuzzi® is a Jacuzzi®.

Once every 30-40 years, a product come along that sparks such a unique consumer reaction, that our vocabulary actually changes. Jacuzzi® is a product like that.

Think about the words we use. “Better put a BANDAID® on that cut” – or, “please make a XEROX® of that contract” -or, “wipe your nose with a KLEENEX®”. BRANDS become so dominant, we assign a brand name to be synonymous with a whole category.

This is the blessing and the curse of Jacuzzi®.

Jacuzzi® is a such an innovative and unique product, they virtually invented a whole industry. The company’s roots date back to Italy in the early 1900’s – and, they invented the first home spa sold in the US in 1956. However, many consumers use this brand name to describe a whole universe of products.

Retailers Know the Difference

Consumers may not realize the difference; Jacuzzi® is a brand and not a generic. Retailers certainly know the difference. So, when we see on-line ads like this one (shown below/right) for a local big box store, we know they are not confused or mis-informed. They are misrepresenting the products they sell. They know the difference. They are hoping consumers are ignorant, tired of sales pitches of just don’t care.

This off-brand spa is NOT a Jacuzzi®
This “Tahoe”is NOT a Jacuzzi®
  • At best they are mis-representing and exaggerating. At worst, they are lying.
  • They are banking on the possibility that consumers think all hot tubs are the same…that ALL tubs are Jacuzzi® quality. They are not.
  • Think of the confusion or anger you might feel if a car dealer were to advertise a Cadillac at a tremendously discounted price. And, when you went to see the car, it was actually a GoCart. They both have an engine and 4 wheels. What’s the difference?

No. Only a Jacuzzi® is a Jacuzzi®.

If someone says, “Let’s go look at a Jacuzzi® for the back yard.” There is only one place in Central Indiana who can show you and sell you a Jacuzzi®. It’s not at a big box store – where they are jack of all trades but master of none; it’s ONLY at Carefree Spas. We have brands of integrity and reputation.

If a Jacuzzi® is what you’re looking for, you shouldn’t accept anything LESS. Now you know.