Make a Difference and Save!

When it comes to giving back and making a difference, WISH FOR OUR HEROES really caught our attention. Our veterans have sacrificed so much for us and our country.  Many times, readjusting to their lives after active military service can be filled with challenges both small and large. Stress and the health risks associated with stress – particularly post-traumatic stress – is so common to our veteran population.  So, we thought – what better way to help someone deal with stress than to provide them with the ultimate stress reliever – a New Sundance Hot Tub?

Wish for Our Heroes, Make a Difference and Save!

When you’ve been serving the Indianapolis area as a retail business as long as we have, we think it’s important to constantly look around the community you serve and see what you might be able to GIVE BACK. Carefree Spas have been part of the fabric of the community for nearly 30 years and we want to do our part to help make the town we live in a better place. 

Buy, Save and Make a Difference

With every hot tub purchase from Carefree Spas from now through the end of the Indiana State Fair (August 18), a portion of the purchase price will help fund a WISH through WISH FOR OUR HEROES.  We will be granting one deserving veteran with their very own hot tub.  Hours or relaxation and lots of family time together is the least we can do for one of our returning heroes. 

We really respect the work that WISH FOR OUR HEROES is doing here in Central. Indiana –  one deserving veteran at a time. These men and women selflessly serve our nation while working for little pay. They put their lives on the line for those they have never met.  Many of the dynamic stresses of their deployment impact families in a negative way; some situations even tear families apart. WISH FOR OUR HEROES quietly strives to provide resources to the average military service person and their families. They help to improve the quality lives while at home and during deployment.

Wish for Our Heroes Sundance Spa

At Carefree Spas, we encourage you to get to know WISH FOR OUR HEROES better. Follow this link to their website. Plus, you can visit our joint display at this year’s Indiana State Fair. They’ll be close-by our Sundance Spa tent – near the DNR Building on the Northside of the Fairgrounds – and, displaying the WISH FOR OUR HEROES hot tub.  Remember – you can help fund this WISH through your purchases now through August 18.